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Research & Academic Sponsorship

The American Studies Institute, in partnership with related scholars in the field, has been fostering to vitalize American studies in Korea.

The Institute was assigned a key supporting research institute by National Research Foundation of Korea in 1996. That year, the Institute conducted a research on “Intellectual Flow of American Society”, which was published in 1998 as “Collection of American Studies” volume Ⅰ, and Ⅱ. From 1998 to 2000, thanks to the gracious support of the NRFK, the Institute conducted research on “Historical Forecast of the 21st Century US”, which was published as volume Ⅲ, and Ⅳ of the previously mentioned collection. These kinds of comprehensive interdisciplinary research became a background for the Institute to promote professional research by each discipline.

In 2000, the Institute conducted a research on “American Consumer Culture in Modern American Novel and Literature”, and, in 2002, another research on “American Political Reform and Democracy.”

The ASI aims to continue to promote professional comprehensive researches on American Studies maintaining its commitment to foster cross-disciplinary knowledge.



The ASI publishes the American Studies biannually, and the American Studies Monograph Series annually. Independent studies sponsored by the National Research Foundation of Korea are published as the Collection of the American Studies. Other non-regular periodicals and articles are among many publications distributed to numerous domestic and international libraries and catalogues.


Seminars & Conferences

The ASI cordially invites both domestic and international scholars of American literature, history, politics, economics, law, sociology, psychology, etc., to its annual American Studies Conference in Seoul. The papers presented at this conference also appear in American Studies. The ASI further encourages scholars from wide range of disciplines to conduct seminars, colloquiums, and conferences.


Educational Outreach

Since 2013, the ASI provides classes regarding the topics related to American studies to high school students in an attempt to foster academic interest and develop special opportunity to deal with the complex subjects often not dealt with in ordinary schools, such as American politics, economy, history, culture, art, etc. The academy invites many SNU professors from different departments to offer students with a wide range of opportunities to understand America from a truly interdisciplinary perspective.


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