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No. 제목 저자 출판년도
33 White Male Authorship of the Antebellum North: Individualism Confronting a National Crisis EunHyoung Kim 2010
32 The U.S. Foreign Aid, Democracy, and Human Rights Woongjo You 2008
31 Alterity and the Lyric: Heidegger, Levinas, and Emily Dickinson Hyesook Son 2007
30 Labor Law and Labor Policy in New York State, 1920s-1930s Jin Hee Kim 2006
29 The American Intellectual Tradition and Multiculturalism Hyungdae Lee 2004
28 The Birth of a Style: Emerson and the Writing of the Moment in the American Renaissance Woosung Kang 2003
27 The Strategic Employment of 'Values Appeals' in Reagan and Cliton's Presidences: A Focus On 1984 and 1996 Byongjin Ahn 2002
26 Rereading Hawthorne's Romance: The Problematics of Happy Endings Jeonghee Sohn 2001
25 The Making of American Hegemony from the Great Depression to the Korean War Heajeong Lee 2000
24 The Literary Tensions in Stephen Crane's Novels and Short Stories Chulwon Cho 1999
23 Capturing the Rules Committee: The Rules Committee Enlargement Decision in 1961 Byong-Kwon Sohn 1998
22 Upton Sinclair and The Jungle: A Study of American Literature, Society, and Culture Suk Bong Suh 1997
21 Rethinking U.S Laws and Policies: International Trade with Nonmarket Economies in the Era of Globalization Sanghan Wang 1996
20 Politics of Super 301: The Domestic Political Basis of U.S. Foreign Economic Policy Chang Jae Baik 1995
19 Representing the Rosenberg Case: Coover, Doctorow and the Consequences of Postmodernism Sangjun Jeong 1994
18 Dynamics of Patron-Client State Relations: The United States, and Korean Political Economy in the Cold War Wookhee Shin 1993
17 Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. Du Bois: A Study in Race Leadership, 1895~1915 Hae Sung Hwang 1992
16 The Historical Geography of Rice Culture in the American South Jeon Lee 1991
15 The Limits of Essentialist Critical Thinking: A Metacritical Study of the New Criticism and Its Theoretical Alternatives Gyung-Ryul Jang 1990
14 Agenda Dynamics in Social Policy Initiation Keun-Won Song 1989
13 Foreign Lobbying in American Politics Chung Hee Lee 1988
12 Academic Success of East Asian Americans: An Ethnographic Comparative Study of East Asian American and Anglo American Academic Achievement Yongsook Lee 1987
11 The Edge of Nothing: An Existentialist Reading of William Faulkner Wook-Dong Kim 1986
10 Journey into the Past: The Historical and Mythical Imagination of Barth and Pynchon Seong-Kon Kim 1985
9 Residential Segregation of Blacks in Metropolitan America Jai Poong Ryu 1983
8 한미관계: 1882~1982(국문) 구영록, 배영수 공저 1982
7 The Economics and Politics of the United States-Japan Trade: 1953~1971 Eul Yong Park 1981
6 Agricultural Change in America Hyup Choi 1981
5 The Ideas of John Dewey and Reinhold Neibuhr on Social Justice Bong Mok Park 1980
4 Politics of Dissent in U.S. Foreign Policy Youngnok Koo 1978
3 The East Asian Culture and Its Transformation in the West Shin-Pyo Kang 1978
2 Alfred Stieglitz and His Time: An Intellectual Portrait Yong Kwon Kim 1978
1 The Political Relevance of Jen in Early China and Agape in the Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr Halk Jin Rah 1978


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